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Llamas & Suri Llamas

Discovering, owning or breeding Llamas and Alpacas is a pleasant and rewarding activity.
Isabelle Leydier Delavallade offers you animals for sale all year round with a breeding follow-up and advice adapted to your needs.

Noble and elegant in appearance, the llamas of the farm are selected for their conformation but also for their character, they are very docile. They take part in model and gait competitions in Europe. They are excellent brushcutters and can be used as trekking animals.

Various personal imports, from 1991 to 2009, of llamas and huacaya and suri alpacas from Chile, the USA and Europe have brought different bloodlines, allowing us to offer a wide range of genetics.
The Garenne breeding farm offers coverings from its International Grand Champion Llamas, Suri and Huacaya Alpacas stallions.


For your property maintenance

Excellent foragers, they browse on woody food: brambles, twigs, leaves and are very good at maintaining rough terrain, under and around tress and other hard to reach areas. Unlike goats they will not strip the bark from trees.

Pleasure and enjoyment in ownership

Docile intelligent and gentle animals, they are safe with children, and sociable towards other animals: donkeys, ponies, horses, cows and sheep.

For excursions

Used as pack animals, they can be used for trekking and carry panniers of 15 to 30kg.