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About us

Élevage de Garenne is :

Three pillars: respect for biodiversity and animal welfare, promotion of organic and local “better eating” and respect for the seasons.

Our cattle are exclusively grass-fed and raised in the open air 365 days a year in a 100% organic environment. By ageing the meat for a long time, the fat is impregnated into the meat, creating a unique tenderness and flavour!

Over 30 years of experience in llama, alpaca and Highland Cattle breeding. 

what we are doing

Our livestock in breeding


The llama is the largest of the South American camelids. Because of its size, it is commonly used as a pack animal. The llama is actually a sociable animal that only spits when it feels in danger.


Alpacas are best known for their wool. There are two subspecies of alpacas: the suri alpaca (with long hair that falls back into dreadlocks) and the huacaya alpaca (with a softer, bushier fleece).


Of Scottish origin, the Highland Cattle remains one of the most authentic and hardy cattle breeds. Recognisable by its long horns and long coat, the Highland cow is mainly bred for its lean meat. 


100% Natural
"Nothing but grass"

The hardy llamas and alpacas live in the open air on the property which they share with the Highland Cattle and the Salers herd.

High quality herds

The Highland herd is registered in the Herd Book of the Highland Cattle Society established in 1885.

Organic farming

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