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Suri Alpacas

Isabelle Leydier Delavallade imported the first Suri Alpaca into Europe in 1998.
The Suri alpacas from the garenne farm are distinguished by a wide choice of colours.

Suri alpacas are characterized by a straighter back line and their distinctive fleece which grows in long ringlets. We offer a broad colour range.

Huacaya Alpacas

Discover the magic of llamas, the gentle company of Alpacas and the pleasures and rewards of breeding these rare and special animals. Whether you raise them for pleasure or for profit, as you become involved with llamas and alpacas, you will discover, as we have, that llamas and alpacas can transform your life.

Various personal imports, from 1991 to 2004, of llamas and of alpacas, both huacaya and suri, from Chile, from the USA and Europe, permit Elevage de Garenne to offer a wide choice of bloodlines and an unusually vigorous and varied array of genetics.
Elevage de Garenne offers the offspring of, and breedings to, Great International Champions; Lamas, Suri and Huacaya Alpacas.


Pleasure and enjoyment in ownership

Docile intelligent and gentle animals, they are safe with children, and sociable towards other animals: donkeys, ponies, horses, cows and sheep.

For wool

Alpaca wool is reknowned for its qualities of softness, and fineness. Its refined handle is matched by its durability and tremendous warmth for its light weight. An extraordinary range of natural colour makes it much sought after by spinners and weavers.