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Highland Cattle cow

The Highland is a small Scottish cattle breed from the Highlands. It has long hair that covers its eyes and a pair of long horns.
Highland cattle can graze in a variety of habitats such as forests and moors, where they eat a variety of shrubby vegetation and other roughage. Taking advantage of its performance as a brushcutter, it can also be used to improve uncultivated land.

Highlands females breed until they are 18 years old and can raise up to 15 calves in their lifetime.
Gentle and docile in temperament, the Highland Cattle is not afraid of people and will approach them easily. 


Why choose Highland Cattle

Resilient and hardy this distinctive and ancient breed is particularly adapted to more demanding terrain. Well capable of thriving in the outdoors, it is an ecologically sound livestock choice. The highland breed offers a wide range of colours from red, black, brindle, yellow, grey and even white!

Selection and breeding

Garenne breeding farm offers a wide choice of male and female Breedstock, all registered in the Herd Book of Highland Cattle Society.

Optimum use of land

A small cow, the Highland does not require assistance at calving. It adapts perfectly to the constraints of poor environments, making the most of flora considered to be inappetent and of low fodder value.


"Grass only grass"

The Garenne breeding farm guarantees meat from the outdoors, from an extensive breeding.
The herd is fed on grass, without concentrates. Hardy, slow-growing cattle, highland cattle must be slaughtered between 3 and 4 years of age.


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