In March, 2005 a group of French breeders set up the SNELA - (the Syndicat National des Eleveurs de Lamas et Alpagas), The National Union of Lama and Alpaca Breeders.

The Union represents and defends the mutual interests of lama and alpaca breeders in France through the :
- promotion of lama and alpaca breeding
- co-ordination of lobbying of national and European official authorities and agricultural organisations whenever situations arise that affect members directly or indirectly.

To do this, the Union is empowered to :
- solely or jointly execute or manage actions that further the aims of the Union.
- administer public, private and inter-professional funds allocated to achieving the Union's objectives.

Action Plan proposals :
- animal identification
- valorisation of camelides - wool, environment, nature activities, etc...
- health, care, information exchanges with the DSV, GDS, etc...

Tel. : 06 85 53 80 54
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